Saturday, January 25, 2003

o.craving: h0t FrIeS!!
o.listening:sUmFiN In ThE bAcKgRoUnD
o.chating: NoBoDy
o.munchin: n.a
o.wish: UmMm?

Hey!! Well sup! This is my new site! mmHmm!! It used to be but i wanted to start over....yeah! Well okay all this drama has been in my life and shit and I didnt want anytyhing to remind me of that yeah thats why I made this site. Okay and I realized that Julio isnt everything...I mean Im not gunna lie..I still like him....ALOT! but if he doesnt like me now..i dont know what would change his mind. so yeah ill guess ill hafta turn my shoulder and ignore him? gunna be hard i know but i cant let him take over mylife like he has been. thinking about him day and night. night and day. making me so sad and depressed. jest not worth it in my opinion. uh huh..yeah. btw..he did call me. yep. at first i wasnt sure if i wanted to talk to him ya know? i couldnt help but think of what an ass he was but i took the fone anyway. Ummm it was sorta awkard..and i wanted to ask : so what do YOU want?. but i didnt let that happen. didnt want him to think i was bitchy bitch..heh. which i finx i FINX he already thought i was. so yah he sed " read ur entry on ur site" (to read i mean if u really wanna go to my old site okay) and i was like..yeah so? what about my entry?!" then he went on to say if i liked him so much why did i say i hated him and crap and how he can sit by whoever the hell he wants cos we werent and arent a couple! then i said (mostly outta spite) CAUSE ITS TRUE!!!! and then i hung up the fone. u'd think i'd be upset but im past that. already been in that i gess im in the i dont care anymore stage. tho i am worrying about seeing him at skewl monday. well wat else happened in my day...nothing really. I jest got done watching shallow hal! ahaha so funnnnnnny but my gush i dont like the premise really. 4 real tho. its like oh jest cos ur fat mean ur not pretty! thats fucked up 4 real!!!!! but jack black is helarious so its a kool movie. man i feel reel bad for my mom. 2dae she started crying to bad cos her tooth hurts so bad. i was like mommy was wrong?! and sed my tooth it hurt so bad. ur gonna go to the dentist so u will never be in this pain!" man hope but i feel real bad cos we dont have insurance! her work doesnt give it! =( its 2 expensive.....well nothing else happened so imma b0unce..bye. bl0g m0re maybe!!!!! tata!